Rock Scaling

Manual Rock Scaling is the act of removing unstable or potentially unstable rock by using hand tools. Rock Scaling is safest and most effective when done on rappel. Rock Remediation Technicians utilize rope access methods to reach the rock that needs to be removed. Rock scaling is always performed from the top down so as to not place the technicians below unstable rock. It is usually the first approach to rockfall mitigation.  Manual rock scaling is superior to mechanical scaling because it addresses individual rocks and does not destabilize the entire slope. If a rock feature such as an overhang needs to be removed for long term slope stability, Ameritech can utilize pneumatic or hydraulic devices to accomplish this. Trim blasting can also be used to remove larger rock features.  Ameritech employs some of the best rock remediation technicians in the industry and can respond to emergency situations within 24 hours.