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Geohazard Protection

Geohazards are events caused by adverse geological conditions that can result in damage to people and property. These events are caused both by natural processes and human activities and include rockfalls, landslides, and debris flows. Ameritech Slope Constructors, Inc. installs systems that help mitigate the risk associated with these events.

Geological Solutions for Slope Stability; Rockfalls, Landslides, and Debris Flows

We approach each project with an understanding based on real world experiences with custom solutions for each unique situation.

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Ameritech Slope Constructors, Inc. is a geotechnical contracting company that specializes in the installation of Geohazard protection systems. Whether it is a rock face with loose debris or an unstable soil slope, we can install the system that is necessary to provide protection for people and property. We can also assist our clients in determining what the most economical and feasible solution is to a potential problem. We use our contruction and engineering experience coupled with real world common sense to determine the best solution to each individual project.

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