Rockfall Drape Systems

Rockfall Mitigation Services

A slope drape is for the control of rockfall using wire mesh, cable netting, and ring nets, or other similar products. In the first phase of a slope drape installation, the anchors are installed on the top of the slope. After the wire rope cable is installed, the draping material is secured to the top cable and then draped over the slope. In some cases overlapping the rows of draping material may be required to ensure complete coverage of the slope. The rows are then secured together. Using clips or hog rings a slope drape will not stop rock from falling but it will prevent the material from gaining energy by slowing their downward momentum. In some cases, where the site has no rockfall landing area, the slope drape material is pinned in place using a rock bolting pattern. Slope drapes are used to cover an entire area of unstable rock. The slope netting can be either draped or bolted in each corner of each panel. Slope netting is used where the unstable rock is big and blocky but not big enough to make bolting the only option. There are different types of mesh & rockfall drapes: These are a few of the various types: cable nets, double twist, tecco mesh (3mm & 4mm), rolled cable nets, and ring nets, etc.