Rock Bolts and Rock Dowels

Rock bolts and rock dowels are threaded steel bars that are used to secure potentially unstable blocks on the face of a rock cut.  The process involves drilling through the unstable block and into more competent rock beyond the failure surface. The steel bar is then inserted into the hole and grouted into place using a cement based grout. In some applications, only the bottom portion of the rock bolt is grouted to create a bonded and un-bonded zone. This allows for the rock bolt to be tensioned against the unstable block resulting in active pressure to hold the mass in place.  In rock dowel applications, the borehole is fully grouted surrounding the steel bar, resulting in static pressure to hold the mass. Ameritech has some of the most specialized rock drills in the industry which gives us the ability to install rock bolts and rock dowels in locations that would normally be impossible to access.