Ameritech Company History

Ameritech Slope Constructors, Inc. is a contracting company specializing in geotechnical construction projects, including rock and soil slope stabilization, rock scaling, rock bolting, rock drapes, rockfall/debris flow barriers and shotcrete.

Ameritech was formed in response to many enquiries concerning limited access slope stabilization projects in the southern Appalachians. Ameritech has since expanded its operations across the continental US, Hawaii, Canada, the Caribbean and Central America. Ameritech Slope Constructors, Inc. employs an experienced and qualified staff of Project Managers and Rock Remediation Technicians (RRT’s) with experience in all aspects of slope stabilization and rockfall mitigation. The staff includes construction managers, contractors, professional engineers (PE), rock remediation technicians and support staff. We have successfully completed projects ranging from residential development slope stabilization to large scale, complex emergency projects with tight time schedules. These projects were completed on time and at or below the project budget.